【US】LOKLiK Crafter™ Cutting Machine
The Ultimate Cutting Machine for Beginners!
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Product Details
Packaging List
  • Color: LOKLiK White, LOKLiK Blue
  • Main materials: ABS
  • Product Model & Certification Model: CM1
  • Dimensions: 22 x 7.28 x 5.6 inches (560 x 185 x 142 mm)
  • Weight: 6.2 kg
  • Key Features: Accurate & Smooth Cut, Ultra-Quiet Operation, Tons of Free Designs, Offline Working Mode, Multi-Device Operation, Dual Functions: Cut & Draw
  • Blade Housing
  • Fine-Point Blade (45°, Red) *2
  • Deep-Point Blade (60°, Blue) *2
  • Pen Housing (Only for LOKLiK & HTVRONT's Pens)
  • Pen
  • USB Cable
  • Adaptor
  • User Guide envelope (Instructions, Quick-Start Guide, Warranty Card, and Brand Card)
  • Extra Benefit: Customers who take part in the pre-sale event can enjoy an additional 3 months of warranty (total: 12+3 months).
Ultra-Quiet Operation
The excellent noise-canceling technology helps deliver an ultra-quiet working experience with the gear sound down to 70dBa, 30% lower than other counterparts.
Offline Working Mode
With the connected app, LoklikIdeaStudio, LOKLiK Cutting Machine can finish the cutting process perfectly of the ongoing image even without the Internet.
Accurate& Smooth Cut
With an upgraded motor and the advanced “Print Then Cut” feature, LOKLiK Cutting Machine can track precisely along the contour of printed images and demonstrate a steady cutting performance even with intricate patterns.
Dual Functions: Cut & Draw
LOKLiK Cutting Machine is characterized by combining two functions, cut and draw. Just change the blade into a colored pen or vice versa.
Multi-Device Operation
Working with several LOKLiK cutting machines simultaneously allows every crafter to enhance their efficiency, especially when crafting in bulk.
Tons of Free Designs
Powered by its associated graphic program and digital content base, LOKLiK Cutting Machine allows users to create and get inspired by over 20,000 free images, which are updated continuously.
LOKLiK Crafter™ FAQ
What can I do with LOKLiK Crafter™?
You can use it to make custom clothing, accessories, cards, stickers, and more DIY projects with various materials. There’s also a colored pen for creating unique designs.
What else is required with LOKLiK Crafter™?
A cutting mat, cutting materials(like HTV, adhesive vinyl), and a Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer.
What materials can LOKLiK Crafter™ cut?
It can cut HTV, adhesive vinyl, cardstock, sublimation paper, etc.